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Packo Inox has its origin as manufacturer of stainless steel components for milking systems. Today we manufacture a wide range of custom made components with hygienic finish.

With over 40 years of experience within the food industry, we have an in-depth knowledge of the special requirements on hygienic design, product finish and applications.

Starting as a partner of Fullwood, Packo has become over the years an independent, global supplier of stainless steel hygienic components to the Industry.

With focus on the OEM market, we aim to help our customers from the design till the supply.

Our unique position of combining knowledge in hygienic design, manufacturing stainless steel components and it’s applications such as in milking systems, makes us the ideal partner for the supply of high quality products.

Design, manufacturing and services are done in a modern and automated environment.

Our in house surface treatments such as pickling and electro polishing bring even more value to the high quality products we supply.

We supply a broad range of hygienic components and offer personal solutions by customizing our existing products and deliver them under private label.

Our assortment includes milk pumps, receiver vessels & buffer tanks, filters, manifolds, installation systems, tube heat exchangers, etc.

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