Tube heat exchanger with 4 conducts

Conduct 4 x 15 M
Milk connection NW-SMS
TC 50mm
Support 4 legs
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     Tube heat exchanger T4

       The tube heat exchanger is installed in the milk delivery line between milking parlour or robot and the milk cooling tank and
       connected to spring or ice water. The milk enters pre-cooled in the milk cooling tank.

Application areas

The T4 is used in milking parlours up to 40 positions and
in milking robots up to 24 robots.

Your benefits

  • A decrease in energy consumption up to 50% when cooling the milk
  • Easy to clean, the tube heat exchanger is rinsed at the same time as the milk installation and does not have to be disassembled
  • Lower mixing temperature in the tank at the 2nd and subsequent milking breaks reduces the risk of bacterial formation
  • No seals, the milk only comes into contact with the stainless steel, so no pollution or contamination.
  • No maintenance costs

Technical information

 Diameter  646 mm
 Height  800 mm
 Weight  95 KG
 Conduct  4 x 15 M
 Volume milk circuit  15.5 L
 Milk connection  NW-SMS-TC 50mm
 Volume water circuit  12.8 L
 Water connection  BSP 1" 1/4" Female
 Support  4 legs
 Optional  Wall fixation

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